Can turtles eat chocolate ?

I know dumb question..

10 Answers

  • Yes, they will try to eat it, but its bad for them.

  • any one can eat chocolate as long as you provide them.

    and if turtle not eating it, then take chocolate in your hand star pushing in turtles mouth.

  • yes they will eat it….but u shouldnot do that bcz as u know that anything sweet should not be provided to dogs coz they strt shedding theri hairs , similarly turtles will eat it but their digetive sysytem cannot digest dairy products…so plzz dnt provide any dairy products to ur turtle.

  • Turtles only eat insects.

  • they can eat it but it might make them sick

  • yes….I know dumb answer

  • please dont Even try and give them chocolate it’s not healthy

  • absolutely not, it will die

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