Can turtles feel it when you touch their shell?

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  • Yes they can feel it. Their shells are covered in a layer of Keratin (like fingernails)these are the scutes. You can certainly feel it when someone touches your fingernails, so yes they can feel it.

  • Can Turtles Feel Their Shell

  • Yes, turtles do have nerve endings in their shell, since the shell is made from their backbone and ribs. Some people compare it to what you feel when your fingernail is touched…

    I have a pet turtle, and to try and tame her/get her used to me touching her, I will pet her shell sometimes. Most of the time, it makes her run or swim away, which is pretty funny. When she is feeling friendly, she will stick around for a second.

  • Yes, they can feel it, but not with a lot of sensitivity. There aren’t really any nerves on the outside surface, but sensation does transmit through the shell. Some turtles enjoy being scratched in the joints between their scutes when they’re growing, too, so there has to be some feeling there.

  • Hi, I have a Murray river long neck turtle and I know he can feel when I touch his shell. I just want to say, are different breeds more people friendly because my turtle will often race up to my hand when in his tank and let me pat him.

  • They don’t have nerve endings in their shell but touching it causes a shift in the tissues that keep it attached. Its comparable to the way you can’t feel you hair or nails being touched but rather feel them being pushed or pulled from the tissues they are rooted in.

  • You can tell when something is touching your teeth, even though the teeth themselves have no nerves.

    Turtles can tell when something is touching their shell- and they generally do not like it.

  • no turdles cannot feel when you touch their shell they know your touching it becuse they see your hansd they can feel when you touch their legs head and ares and tail but not their shell

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