Can you be fingered while standing up?

If so how is it done? becuase me and my bf have a certain place we go to but we cant lay down

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  • Dear Miranda, Well dear you can and you can do lots of thing while standing beside just fingering no matter where you are. You can be fully satisfied and satisfy him in so many ways it will feel like you just have Տҽ×ual intercourse if not better since fingering the right way will lead to a big orgasm. My first advice is make sure the hands are washed good in order not to get infections due to dirty hands that the first important issue you need to know then go the rest of the road happy not worry about germs or infections. Now to your question, on--foreplay, more specifically, fingering.if you have never reached the point of Տҽ×ual intercourse in your relationship, genital massage can help Here are some helpful tips to get the best fingering you has ever experienced. let him Start lightly. Get you in the mood. Soft wet kisses are always good. a gentle massage before putting attention to you vagina. After he is done with the whole body, let him gently massage the mound of ur vagina. After this, let him form a cup from his hands as though he feeding a pigeon from his hand. gently ride his hand tell him to.Feel the outer rim of ur vagina. This area is called the labia. Feel for wetness. This is a good way to gauge how aroused UR. Then, apply some lubricant to the tips of his finger. This will help his finger smoothly move into you. On the upper part of your vagina, let him feel for the clitoris. It should be a bean-like bump covered by a small hood. Try massaging that gently.Insert your finger. You can feel her becoming wetter as you continue. This means that you have been doing great and she likes what you are doing. At this time, he can insert his finger into you. He can put in up to his second knuckle. Just remember to be gentle. While he does this, he can continue to massage your clitoris using his thumb. This will give you an amazing orgasm at the end. Also while his finger is inserted, massage your G-spot. This should be a round walnut-like wall at the top of the vaginal wall. This spot is very sensitive and should work well to bring you to a climax.Move with her. At this point, you will be thrusting and moving your hips. Unlike men, women move and act more like Տҽ× during gentle massage. let him time the up and down motion of his fingers to meet your thrusts. The correct rhythm will help you climax faster. Incorrect timing can lead to the loss of orgasm. he should feel her tighten up as well as moan as you nears orgasm. he should Continue on with the same rhythm even after she you climaxed. Fingering can be a fun and exciting way to grow your Տҽ×ual relationship. If he does this well, eventually you will give him the key to the city. Also he can satisfy you while you are standing up he goes down on you and you can do the same that will send you both to heaven I hope that will make you and him enjoy it all, good luck best wishes hope you will be happy

  • Fingering Standing Up

  • Naked is easier than clothed but either can work... If standing is your mission It is easier for him to stand behind you and reach around to gently touch you between the legs, let one or two fingers do the touching and caressing not his whole hand...

    Hope I was helpful 🙂

  • His hand in your pants, either from the front or the back, your legs spread far enough for him to be able to reach the target. Try it on yourself.

  • ? Of course you can!

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