Can you bring your own alcohol onboard Metra trains?

I know some cars have a beverage bar but can you just bring on your own beer and drink it? I looked on Metra and they list days that you can’t have alcohol.

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  • They actually got rid of beverage cars which really sucks, they said they didn’t make enough money, not sure how that is when you pay $5 for a can of beer. Probably people stopped using them because they inactedthe smoking ban and who wants to drink if you can’t smoke.

    You can bring your own booze on board though. At union station during rush hour they have beer girls with tubs of beer selling tall boy cans for t he ride home, you can also bring on a 6 pack or whatever. Sometmes during certain busy times like Bluesfest, 4rth of July, etc they ban alcohol but otherwise yes.

  • Yes you can bring your own alcohol on Metra trains, but if there is something going on in the city (i.e. Taste of Chicago, Blues Fest, etc.. ) on the weekends or after 7pm during the week, they won’t allow you to bring any on the train.

  • that’s the place the concern is. you will no longer be able to deliver the great gallon, you should smuggle it onboeard. i’ve got discovered that the terrific way is to generously be conscious it to a pair warm, buttered buns formerly getting onboard. Then p.c.. them tight into steamer trunks, wrapped in Saran Wrap. you do no longer want any injuries going on from all that jostling.

  • yes any time you bring your own drinks

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