Can you eat lobster eggs?

after you cooked the lobster, are they expensive like caviar

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  • Yes they are edible and although quite tasty and even often used in sushi bars as a decorative garnish they are not overly expensive.

    Here is the skinny on all the “stuff” you get in a lobster from the Lobster Gram website:

    A Guide To Lobster ‘Stuff’ By Color

    Black Stuff – An uncooked or undercooked female lobster may be harboring eggs, also known as roe or lobster caviar. These eggs prior to cooking appear thick, shiny and black, and may be found throughout the tail. If you have cooked your lobster and still see the black stuff, cook them longer and the black stuff will turn into…

    Red Stuff – Once the above mentioned female lobster is fully cooked, those eggs turn bright red in color. Their texture becomes firmer and they look more like the lobster caviar you may have seen used at your local sushi bar. It’s quite delicious, try it if you’re feeling adventurous.

    Green Stuff – Our final colorful treat (yes, many enjoy this as a delicacy), is the tomalley or liver of the lobsters. All lobsters have tomalley and you’ll discover it when you separate the tail from the body. If you don’t consider it a delicacy, feel free to rinse it off before digging in!

    White Stuff – Once a lobster is cooked, you will always see thick whitish foamy stuff around the meat and in the cooking water. This is the fat (or protein), and can just be rinsed off. It’s yet another sign that your lobsters are incredibly fresh!


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  • Yes, what Walking on Sunshine replied is true.

    In Asian dishes, usually the eggs are either steamed together with the lobster & eaten straight from the shell or it’s removed.

    It can be used as salad garnishing, or even pastries fillings/garnishing.

    Some use it in soup, prior to while serving they put it in the bowl.

    It’s less expensive thn. caviar but it’s still costly due to it’s rich nutrients & it’s said to contain high cholesterol. It’s creamy, sandy texture has a tingle of sweetness yet saltness within.

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    Can you eat lobster eggs?

    after you cooked the lobster, are they expensive like caviar

  • Yes as long as there not any kind of “beastie” with poison things in the yolk or egg white (yes I’m sure that one or two animals have that) but caviar (out of any caviar fancy seafood seems to be more popular like sea urchin or duck caviar) but it is true you can eat eggs of most sea creatures or just creatures but they are less than yummy for the “lower class pallet” as the high class people might put it so it depends on you the eater as it goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i would recommend it as eggs are great for you

  • I am using them in a lobster bisque

  • yes apparently lobster roe is great I have never tried it.

  • yeh i think so if u realy want to

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