Can you eat salmon bones?

Me and a friend recently went on a health kick and are eating a lot of fish now. Fresh salmon isn’t practical because I live in a dorm. I bought some canned salmon but it had bones and skin the bones were soft I just wanted to make sure they were safe to eat…

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  • well eating fish bones is never a good thing cause you can choke thats mainly why but if you don’t choke your lucky 🙂

  • Can You Eat Salmon Bones

  • What do you mean a home cooked diet? The two best diets for dogs are either a raw meat diet (with some fresh/frozen fruits/veg) or a premium kibble diet. Here are the best types of meats to feed in a raw diet: Whole Eggs Beef (any parts, except dense weight-bearing bones) Liver (any species) Kidney (any species) Green tripe Heart (any species) Spleen (any species) Sweetbreads (any species) Lung (any species) Whole rabbits (or parts) Chicken (whole or parts) Turkey (whole or parts) Quail Pheasant Duck Goose Pork Lamb Goat Deer Elk Bison Pronghorn antelope Ostrich Kangaroo Emu Whole fish (avoid fresh salmon) Canned fish (use sparingly) Rats Squirrels Mice Moose For the most part leave your choices about food away from your vet. Most are clueless when it comes to pet nutrition and will actually suggest crappy food. There is a lot more into this topic but I’ll leave you with that note. Personally, my dogs are fed Orijen with a fish oil supplement and the occasional raw bone. Treats are usually fresh fruit or veg.

  • Yes, according to Pure Alaska Salmon Company. It is all a matter of preference. We grew up eating them (although it grossed me out). Salmon bones (the small, round ones found in canned salmon) are different than other fish bones which yes, could make you choke.

  • yep, safe to eat. It took me a while to be convinced of that process.

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