can you get a headache from lying down all day?

its not headache from not eating or anything i have just been lying down all day and i have a headache

no vision differences just a headache that feels like a migrane…every change in direction makes my head throb

6 Answers

  • not drinking any water can lead to headaches. I lay down all day sometimes when college is out, just to relax, and I get a headache because of not drinking a lot of water.

  • *Yes you can. You can also get headaches from sleeping to long.

  • Yes.

  • yes medically it is called vaserpaser syndrome. it means yo have blood pool in the head around the brain the drained fast ie. you get up.

    see a cardonero Specialist

  • i cant surely tell you what it is but i think your best choice is to go to an urgent care and maybe get some x-rays done.

  • yes sometimes if you need glasses do you see blurry

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