Can You Get Drunk Off Of Root Beer?

Can You Get Drunk Off Of Root Beer?

I have had five bottles today, and still sober. I must have a high tolerance level, that means

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  • Commercially purchased Root Beer contains no alcohol and so you will be unable to become intoxicated by it.

    If you were to make your own Root Beer you can allow it to conduct a yeast fermentation beyond a that of respiration (CO2) in order to produce alcohol. You then would have an alcoholic Root Beer.

  • Negative. You are drinking Artificially flavored vanilla/ sassafras soda.

    The very original use to have a small alcohol content, but the key ingredient included an oil called Safrole which caused cancer in rats and the FDA demanded any natural drink containing this oil had to be removed from shelves... so they redid the beer, but did not change it to root soda when they dropped the sassafras and added carbonation.

  • It depends on if it was made naturally or with forced carbonation. If it was made naturally it falls under the less then .5% ABV drinks, and it does contain ethanol. Yeast is used to carbonate root beer. It is one of the brewed sodas. So while you technically could get drunk from drinking it, you would have to drink about a gallon to equal one pint of beer (and a weak one at that).

  • Maybe.

    It would have to be traditionally brewed, there are a few small companies that still do root beer and ginger ale in this manner. When done the old-fashioned way there will be an ABV of 1% or less. If you drank enough and didn't get sick and bloated you MIGHT get drunk. If you are talking about A&W and the

  • Only if you put Root Beer Schnapps in there.

  • I even have...i'm like a entire rootbeer atict! My objective, digital mail, etc has to do w/ rootbeer! i become eating it at my acquaintances living house, and then i took the biggest chug ever and then i'd desire to experience the sneeze coming, yet could no longer swallow the rootbeer rapid sufficient and ACHOO! all of it befell so rapid...and it become remarkable! it incredibly is outstanding!

  • No you can not because there is no achole in it and i drink root beer all the the time and every thing has been the ssame

  • you can get drunk but you would have to drink 500 cans of it before your body starts to process it but by then your either dead or urinating a small river

  • nooo not that i know of unless you wanna get high on caffiene or sugar... which it probebley be better to do that with coffee! hope this helped!

  • No. you can't. It's a soft drink not alcohol.

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