can you get headaches from being tired?

Lately i’ve been really tired and ive been feeling like ive been getting headaches but when i check my temperature its normal, so should i go to the doctor, is it that serious? or am i fine and just need to get some rest?

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  • Yeah, and from stress.

  • Can Being Tired Cause Headaches


    If this is been going on for two months you need to go to a doctor as soon as possible. Your symptoms demonstrate that you could have a serious health problem. It sounds like you may be having migraine headaches. Sleep may help deal with the symptoms of migraine headaches (you can sleep through some of the discomfort), but can ultimately cause more intense headaches. There is a possibility that you could be suffering from depression, or a thyroid or sleep disorder. A doctor can screen you for these problems that respond well to medication. While you are waiting to see a doctor, I recommend that you force yourself to excercise for half an hour daily (walk or swim) instead of sleep, and limit sweets and caffeine. An aspirin daily can thin the blood enough to sometimes help ease headache pain. The aspirin must be taken daily at the same time. A multi-vitamin with anti-oxidants would be a good thing to try also. Please see a doctor as soon as you can. Your symptoms demonstrate that you are not living life to it’s fullest at the very least.

  • I don’t usually like giving diagnosis’ online because if someone diagnosed you wrong and then it was different/worse then they’d be seriously guilty and I wouldn’t be able to deal with that kind of guilt. So, all I can say is that I get headaches sometimes when I’m tired and/or stressed so I wouldn’t be too worried. I’ve never heard of body temperature being a cause(?) of headaches I always think of them as psychological because the human brain has no nerves so they can’t actually feel anything, but, hey, that’s just me 🙂

    But What I would say, also, is that if you are worried about it go see your doctor. It doesn’t hurt being cautious but if you leave it and it is something worse then you will regret not seeing your doctor sooner 🙂

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  • You should take some headache tablets & get some rest, maybe try and cut down on stress too, if no luck, go to the doctor, better to be safe than sorry with headaches and tumors!

    Good luck x

  • Sleep is our body’s way of renewing itself. It is highly likely that you would get headaches as a result of restlessness or lack of sleep. When we are tired, our body’s level of oxygen can be depleted, thus causing a deficit of a crucial element in our bodies. I order to fix this, you need sleep. Your brain needs oxygen to perform basic tasks and to perform its biological function.

    1) Increase prevalance of sleep.

    2) Cut back on stress causing activities.

    3) Reduce intake of unhealthy foods and beverages as they can cause abnormal nutrition deficits that can cause headahces.

    4) If your town has an oxygen bar, maybe a couple of visits can help.

    Disclaimer: This information is not intended to serve as a “substitute” to normal doctor visits. Only your doctor can determine the right path of treatment for you.

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