can you get high off of catnip?

My friend is about to smoke some catnip just for fun and i just want to ask a few questions..

Is it deadly? can it even get you high? Please no smart *** responses, its not really going to change my mind, plus im not ganna do it.

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  • actually, it’s very similar to marijuana. lots of people smoke it since it’s legal.

    I drink it nightly because it helps with insomnia. I don’t think it tastes bad at all, it tastes similar to chamomile.

  • Surprisingly, I vote yes on this but it’s not a very strong drug. I’ve been taking it, and for a while I’ve noticed that it definitely can make you feel a bit chilled out, think about things a little different, etc. but it was far too subtle to call it even a mild “high”. However, around 8:30 tonight, I accidentally took a little more than it says to on the bottle and definitely felt a buzz from it. I’m not feeling it anymore much, but for a couple of hours I was definitely feeling it. It was quite mild, but I definitely felt a little euphoric and very mellow. The best comparison is a mild high off an Indica dominant strain of pot, sedating, mildly euphoric, and total lack of anxiety. Some things were also a bit enhanced, like music and certain images/colors. It was pretty weird that something in the pet food aisle would have any sort of effect of that nature no matter how mild. It was definitely mild, but yet it does clearly do something and it is most certainly not placebo. I’m not just some kid who decided to smoke catnip and psyched themselves up and thought it did something, I am an adult who used to smoke/ingest pot extremely frequently/constantly and I have also used other things a fair number of times a few years back. There have also been a few studies that seemed to indicate that it is mildly psychoactive. Some of them seemed to say otherwise, but quantity definitely plays a strong factor. All the other times when I did not accidentally take a bit more than it said to on the bottle, I did not feel anything I would consider to be a high. It did seem to make me feel different, but it did not give me a buzz. However, when taking slightly more than it said by mistake, it did for sure. If the studies that said it did not have an effect did not use the right amount, that would explain why the people in the study did not feel it. However, I have read that a very large amount of it (over 4g, I think) can cause a minor overdose (won’t kill you or anything but you can get sick).

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  • It would probably have to opposite effect on a person then it does on cats. When I make my sleepy time tea it has the same effect on my cats that their catnip does. So I don’t think catnip would make you high at all.

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  • I have no idea of the effects of smoking catnip, but I doubt seriously that it is more deadly than tobacco. I doubt it will have much of any effect. It has been used by humans for hundreds of years, but typically it is made into a tea (or tissane, to be more precise). It has a mild soporific effect, so it is effective for insomnia (I have used it for this myself and found it effective). It has also been used to treat colic in infants, as well as for coughs, and various digestive troubles.

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  • No, it’s not deadly.

    No it cannot get you high.

    It can’t even really get cats high, believe it or not, they just like the aroma.

  • I don’t think it’s that deadly, but he might get sick…. I wouldn’t do it. It’s most likely alright, but you shouldn’t take any chances…

  • no it doesn’t. but you can make it into a tea to help with a fever. oh and it tastes terrible

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