Can you get high off of Cheerios?

Can you get high by smoking Cheerios? Not saying I’m going to smoke them but can you get high off of them?

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  • No, but if you put them in a bowl and pour whiskey instead of milk you’ll get real messed up.

  • Yes you can get a pleasant mind and body high from cheerios because of the micro-crystals located on the surface known as THC

  • If you crush them and mix them with marijuana and roll joints you can get high. There is actually a need for filler in joints sometimes. Perhaps cheerios would be perfect for this filler. I usually use Tobacco, but why not Cheerios!

  • only if you get the fire flower power up while wearing a tanooki suit and reading the book of bandos and shouting the thu’m of the elder dragons while playing poker with abe lincoln

    of course you don’t get high of cheerios. it’s made of oats and sugar.

  • no. please don’t get high off cheerios its stupid. but bonus points to you for asking this question before trying to do so. if you do get high It will be a fake high like a placebo.

  • I think you have been smoking too much.

  • Why yes, and when you do it actually makes you healthier.

  • Hell yea man

  • Your Retarded

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