Can you get your period and still be pregnant?

I used to think that if you got your period, you were in the clear and weren't pregnant. But I've heard that you can still get it and be pregnant. Is that possible? Thanks!

Another thing, can you take a pregnancy test while on your period?

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  • It is possible to bleed (spot) during pregnancy-- and it can be mistaken, by some women, as a period. But you can't have a period, by definition, if you are pregnancy. A true period is a total shedding of the uterine lining, and it only occurs when you are not pregnant.

    And yes you can take a hpt when you have your period.

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  • No you can not get your period and still be pregnant. Getting your period and being pregnant could be a sign of misfertalization I would know I was 3 months and got my period so no its not possible I lost my baby on Thursday night and the pain was horrifying

  • No. Women who bleed during pregnancy often attribute it to their periods, but it is not. A period means ovulation and pregnant women do not ovulate. The lining of the uterus sloughs off the unfertilized egg and all the nutrients it had ready for it had it been fertilized. If a pregnant woman's uterus sloughed, the result would be a miscarriage.

    The show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" often has health care professionals stating this fact. The bleeding could be from any number of things, including implantation and decidual bleeding, but it is not a period.

  • You can have spotting and some bleeding during pregnancy, and this often is and can easily be mistaken for your period - but it is not. A true period in impossibility, as baby would have to be passed as well. If you are pregnant - bleeding or not - your body will still be producing HCG, so you can still take a pregnancy test.

  • Before my father was married to my mom now and before me and my siblings were born his first wife's I think sister had a period and was pregnant so yes some people can

  • It is possible to get a period while pregnant, but unlikely. You can use the preganancy test while on your period. I'd get a multipack if you are TTC.

  • I always wondered the same thing but everyone I've asked said YES you can! Even when I went to the clinic before a woman there said she HAD her periods when she was pregnant!

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  • i had a period in may like a regular one everything seemed normal then a month later i was having symptoms and my boyfreind had me take a test and i was pregnant well after i went to the doctor i found out id been pregnant since april... so ya you can.. they said it was implantation bleeding. im now 17 weeks pregnant and everything is fine and my baby is healthy...

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