Can you petition the Lord with prayer?

OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, I first started to contemplate this question many years ago due to Jim Morrison of the ‘Doors’.

That said, I feel it is a valid speculation.

If God’s will is resolute, unwavering, and eternal, how can we expect that our pleas could possibly alter God’s preordained path.

Is prayer merely a self-soothing behavior, or do folks believe they can ‘change God’s mind’.

I pray daily and take advantage as often as I am mindful of enhancing my spiritual connection to the world around me. However, I am developing the sense that I do this to change myself, not to change God, for that would be, to me, a foolish endeavor.

Anyway, I just wanted to get some of your thoughts. Please, no attacks, just a sharing of spiritual ideas. All faiths welcome.


So far some good thoughts and I appreciate them (minus the condescension regarding basic CCD classes; as you can see here, people have many varying perspectives on this).

I do take issue with one part of Mr. Rick’s response stating that Jim Morrison was not a very spiritual person. Simply because one doesn’t walk the same path as yourself, doesn’t mean they are not spiritual. While his music seems trite to me now, he was definitely seeking something spiritual as evidenced by his lyrics and, in some ways, his struggles with addiction.

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  • This is an interesting question but the answer is definately yes. The Bible make it very clear. Think of it this way, God is God and He knows the beginning from the end but He is also a living being. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that he is resolute and unwavering. You sound spiritual but I wonder where/who is your point of reference. Why not prayer to Almighty God in the Name of Jesus and get to know what the Bible says? If you are genuine in your quest He will not leave your qustions unanswered. Trust me.

  • Petition The Lord With Prayer

  • I think about those lyrics now and then – it does seem audacious or us to petition the Lord with prayer, or even mistrustful, as if the right thing won’t happen unless we go in lobbying with our bribes, paltry before the Almighty as they may be. Therefore, I don’t think prayer is actually what we think it is. We probably have the ability to create on an invisible level the same as we do with architecture, music, crafts, etc. Our prayers are actually a way of focusing, and have nothing to do with changing God’s mind. The more minds in harmonious focus (group prayer) the more likely a difficult goal can be achieved. This does not discount God’s existence; any powers we have come from the source of all Being.

  • Jim Morrison was an extremely intelligent individual and he was very fond of books, litterature and ideas. When he’s asking the rhetorical question If you can petition the Lord with prayer; and he’s answering No; he’s asking and answering the same question that Martin Luther asked about 500 years ago – that lead to the Protestantitism. Morrison means the same; you can pray (and pay) as much as you want, but if you want to be a good person, and if you want good things to happen; you need to DIY; do it yourself; Thats what power the Lord gave you . Morrison links to Luther saying, Hey, read about him; I learned something!

  • You sure do have a LOT of don’t dos , but what ever….. I do petition the Lord, I have NO problem with it and nether does the Lord for that matter….. I have enough faith to go to the throne of God and ask…. Jesus himself said , *you do NOT receive because you do not ask*, that speaks volumes !!! Jesus said to pray LIKE, he did NOT say to pray this way ONLY….. If people would take the time to READ the Lords prayer they might learn a thing or two…. When Jesus died on that cross, and the curtain was TORN apart, that OPENED the throne room up to us directly !!! We can go DIRECTLY to God !!!!! So, you go ahead and petition God for your son…… I do it all the time for ALL my kids and grands, and any one else I can see the need to… which is just about if not everyone !!!! go in peace… God bless

  • God hears the prayers of His children. To become His adopted child, one must accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and their Savior.

    When you are His child, your prayers are petitioned with His interest in mind. Not selfishness.

    John 14:13

    New International Version (©1984)

    And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.

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    Can you petition the Lord with prayer?

    OK, in the spirit of full disclosure, I first started to contemplate this question many years ago due to Jim Morrison of the ‘Doors’.

    That said, I feel it is a valid speculation.

    If God’s will is resolute, unwavering, and eternal, how can we expect that our pleas could possibly…

  • very much so the lord said:come unto me all ye that are burden and heavy laden

    and i will give you rest.

    jim morrison however is a different story not a very spiritual example to follow

    but yes prayer is definitely a direct way to petition your requests to the lord”

    read psalm 61 david’s petition to god in his time of need. it also can be used

    as your prayer by faith.the psalms are filled with prayers made unto the lord by

    this servant of god”as god’s lesson for us on when to pray and to trust him for all we

    petition. its a good book to read and apply by”god bless may the god of grace bestow

    upon you a great blessing in your obedience to searching his answers to your most

    yearnest desires of him!!!sincerely in christ rick andrew

  • When we pray we must have faith God will act and know he will act on our prayer, without faith I think we hinder God from being able to answer. Also we cannot look as prayer as us telling God what we want. God isn’t our errand boy, he is our creator and our Father who knows what is best for us in the long run. So some times prayers may not be answered for our best or answered in a way you may not realize or expect until years later. There is a plan that goes beyond this life on earth.

  • God answers all prayers and petitions that come from a humble spirit and sincere heart. Sometimes He answers them in a way that we cannot understand sometimes. He answers them in a way that serves His will.

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