Can you really not eat any popcorn if you have braces?

Hi, I am getting ready to get braces– my orthodontist and i have not talked yet about what i can and can not eat. i obviously know no gum or taffy and things like that- but someone just said to me “too bad you cant have popcorn anymore once you get your braces.” i am obsessedddddddddd with popcorn and am hoping i can still have it and not go 2 full years without it.

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  • You can do anything you want to, but its not always a good idea . . . I had braces for three years and I ate popcorn all the time. As long as you don’t eat the really hard kernels, or like a “half-popped piece” that’s hard, then you’re fine. I ate one once and it snapped one of my brackets off, so I had a loose piece of wire poking in my cheek for the weekend, because the ortho office wasn’t open then. As long as you know that that could happen!

  • Remember that biting into rock-hard candy can snap your braces??? Well that’s what small kernels can do. Sometimes inside that fluffy popcorn goodness, there might a bit of that popcorn shell that’s still hard…. ….Now obviously, you have to be an idiot to bite into one of those (I guess that’s why they tell little elementary kids, mostly). They just say it to be careful. I’d say go ahead and eat that stuff; just don’t chew it in front of your teeth (the braces’ side), if you know what I mean… Little chunks of popcorn occasionally get stuck in the braces, but that’s nothing that brushing can’t fix… If you’re a careful person, you can even eat a jawbreaker… I did a few times ^_^ Your food restrictions are only limited to how careful you can be…

  • I avoided stuff like peanut brittle and hard candy because I love to crunch it but did eat popcorn. i would not eat the partially popped in the bottom of the bag. Those are my favorite parts so that was hard for me. I would really advise getting a water pik. They are a little expensive but considering how much the braces cost it’s really nothing! I was amazed how much garbage that came out even after brushing and flossing with this thing. Takes a little getting used to, use at a low pressure at first and only turn it on and off while it’s in your mouth or you might squirt it up your nose. I got no cavities and had no breath problems in the 5 years that I had to spend in my braces.

  • The husks/hull (the outside of a kernal that gets all flakey when popped, both words mean the same thing) can get stuck underneath the brackets and cause a very painful gum disease. Often the husks don’t come out with regular brushing. You can eat them, but that fact alone scared my daughter into not eating it more than once. Just make sure your brush floss and rinse really really good right after you eat it to get all the husks out. Kernals can pop off a bracket too. Suggestion: Get huskless popcorn. There’s such thing, but it isn’t very common. You’ll have to look hard for it.

  • Yes you can eat popcorn but watch for hulls and un-poped kernels they can break your bracket wire. eat as you would regular but be extremely careful and don’t eat peanuts or if you do one at a time and use back teeth. and no taffy and chew sugar free gum the best is orbit. Thats all my orthodontist told me and i had my braces for 1 and a half years and never had a problem.

  • You Got Any Popcorn

  • I have braces and I ate popcorn. The kind already popped and flavored sold by the boy scouts. I would be careful and not eat the unpopped/half popped kernels if you are making it yourself. You will not be able to eat everything when you first get your braces. Chew any hard food carefully and slowly.

  • I haven’t tried popcorn yet. But yesterday I had a piece of gum. And for the past two days(Thursday and Wensday) I had candy after class. Actually, you just have to take out the kernals from your wires.

  • PHAHAHAHA every dentist says like the same thing i have braces i eat popcorn, taffy, and i chew gum

    nothing has happened since.your fine =]

  • they all say that. i guess it depends how well you take care of your teeth. i never broke a bracket but i was careful, my sister broke about 5 eating carrots and skittles and other HARD foods. popcorn is mostly soft (except kernels) so i would 🙂 i did and my teeth are perfecto

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