Can you rent an apartment at 18 with no credit and still in HS?

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  • I’m 18 with my own apartment. Still in high school. I have lived there for about 5 months now. I talked to the landlord and we made a deal. I pay 500$ a month but I had to have a thousand for the deposit. She was very nice and kept asking of I could afford it. And I insisted. Just make sure you can afford it and make a strick budget. I believe in you.

    Edit: at the time i only started on my credit. I had no credit what so ever. I just had a reference my grandma saying that I was good woth my money. My family told me that bad credit is better than no credit. So they can actually have some documentation saying how well you pay off your debt. I also recommend getting a credit card with the lowest max. Mine maxes out at 300.

  • You can sign contracts but first must show proof of income. As you will need to qualify for the apartment. No credit is better than bad credit.

  • unless you are emancipated you probably can’t pay for it

  • no

  • Absolutely! As long as you have 1st and last security deposit and can provide 3 times the rent in income.

  • Maybe, that would depend on the LL.

  • No way. You need a parent to co sign for you.

  • Not from me.

  • NO

  • You will need to be working and earning at least x3 what the rent is a month and it is likely yo will need an adult with good credit to guarantee your rent, so when you don’t pay they have to or will get sued ( along with you)

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