Can you say in English have u been here before ?

Can you in English !Have u been here before ?

My question is pretty elementary but it's very important to me . I remember when I was studying English that u use BEFORE with past tense but I have hear many people saying have you been here BEFORE? I'm not English ,but it confuses me ...

Let's imagine a scenario where a receptionist greets his customer .

Would she say , hi sir, have u been here? Or have u been here before?,did u come here before? Have u have been here ?

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  • You can say both. It means the same thing but in your scenario, if you want to ask specifically you can add the 'before' to your question.

  • Have You Been Here Before

  • Hi from London, I'm a native speaker of British English

    Yes, it is common to use the phrase: Have you been here before? Have you done this before? Have you heard this before?

    It is a construction using the Present Perfect, which includes all the time in the past up to (and including ) now. We often use this as a general enquiry about our experiences in life.

    It is not correct to ask : Did you come here before? as a general enquiry. That construction (using ' did you' = the Past Simple) suggests a time / period in the past which ended before now, it does not include now. So the construction seems wrong because you don't specify the criteria for that.

    You could ask 'Did you come here before we modernised the hotel? or Did you come here before we built the swimming pool?

    Hope this helps,

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  • have you been here before. is fine because the before is referring to a time in the past. its like saying. have you been here in the past

  • No, but you can say "have you been here before?".

  • You've posted this twice. Same answer as before.

  • Have you beenhere before, or, have you already been here,

  • okay. You may say, "Have you been here before?". That's the most appropriate.

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