Can you still buy a decent color scanner in 2021?

It seems like the demand for such scanners would no longer there since all photos are now digital.  I need to buy one to scan my artwork. 

4 Answers

  • Actually not all photos are digital—some people still use film. However, to answer your question, you have several options. There are many all-in-one printers that include a scanner/copier. If you prefer, you can also get a dedicated scanner. Epson and Canon are both good choices. One advantage of a dedicated scanner is that you should be able to buy one with a higher resolution than those that are part of an all-in-one printer.

  • Any mainstream desk printer (e.g. HP Envy, Epson Photosmart) are typicaly what they call ‘All in One’ devices.  They come with built in scanners. Some of the higher end printers have document feeders for single/double sided scanning.

  • Epson and Canon still make them.  They range from basic home/office scanners to high end commercial scanners.

    Amazon has a good selection. 

  • Newegg or amazon.  You didn’t say how much you’re willing to spend

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