Can you train cats to be the ring bearer at ur wedding?

If so, how?

If not what are good alternatives? We dont know any young boys so our other option is no one, but dont tell me that cause i already know that. im just seeing if anyone has any unique ideas.

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  • Ha, good luck with that. Cats are so obstinate, which is exactly why I like them. A little girl can be a ring bearer. The best man or the maid of honor or the officiant can hold the rings. Any of those people would be more reliable than a “trained” cat.

    Also, who is going to take care of the cat during the wedding? Are you going to make sure it has food, water, and a litter box available at the ceremony and reception? What if it scratches or bites someone because it gets scared? What if it gets loose and runs away? Animals, even pets, do not belong at human events like weddings because they get freaked out and their needs don’t get tended to. Cats belong in your home, where they are safe, comfortable, and secure.

  • you can’t train a cat to do anything – they are independent,any animal is quite unpredictable,especially in unfamiliar surroundings and with lots of people there.if you don’t know any young boys who can be ring bearer,simply don’t have one – the rings are never given to the ring bearer anyway,they are given to the MOH and best man and are passed over at the appropriate moment

  • maybe. google it. you can have someone kneel down at the alter and show the cat a treat. or put it on a leash & have someone walk the cat down the aisle. you must train your cat to be okay on leashes etc. or have someone carry the cat down the aisle. make sure to feed it treats or something. YOU DO HAVE ANOTHER OPTIONS THOUGH, have your best man hold the rings. & then the pastor or whoever, will be like ‘insert name here’, do you have the rings? no one really needs to walk down with them. just have your bestman or maid of honor hold them in their pocket until the pastor asks for them & then do your vows, put the rings on & your married. yayyyy. congratulations. sorry i couldnt be of more help.

  • It would take a smart cat and a lot of patience.

    Do you have a best man or any wedding party members? If so, any of them can hang onto the rings for you, or a close friend or family member.

  • LOLOL…I dont know if you can train a cat to be the ring bearer but I think that is sooo funny.

    Please dont invite me to your wedding because if you decide to make your kitty a ring bearer I will burst into unending laughter and disrupt the where I will probably draw attention to myself.I I will literally laugh my dress off 🙂 ..idk maybe im just silly like that. But I think thats the cutest funniest thing Ive heard all week.

    I hope it works out for you though 🙂

  • lol good one.

    I’m sure you can have a trained cat fly from across the country, which would cost about $2000 at least.

  • Get a very friendly cat, leash him or her and strap a pillow to his back and set the ring on it and have someone walk him to you at the weeding

  • I am addicted to idiotic questions on YA. This one is a prizewinner. I have shared it with my non YA network and they are all wetting themselves with laughter.

  • Now I’ve heard it all!

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