Can you use a prepaid debit card for redbox?

If I got $10 prepaid debit card and used it for redbox, but I kept it logner than 10 days….Would they somehow track me down or something?

Beacuse I only put $10 dollars on the credit card….and they cant keep charging me…How does that work?

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  • Thank goodness Red Box is smart enough NOT to accept pre paid cards….especially for the reason you are alluding to….sounds like you intend to go rent a bunch of movies for $10 and never return them. (Your statement about them tracking you down gives you away that you don’t intend on returning them)

    Good for them that they thought of this sort of thing to protect their business.

  • I used my prepaid Visa card last night. My personal info is also connected to this card, like my name on card,birthdate, and then when i was filling out to get it 5 years ago i had to put in my ZIPCODE,ADDRESS and i think my SS# as well.. I have never had a problem renting from a redbox with a prepaid card, Long as it has all your personal information tied to the card and its not some prepaid card u bought out the store with NO name or anything it works fine..

  • Redbox Express

  • I tried to use a prepaid visa debit card I got as a rebate from Symantec. Red Box would not accept it. I had to use my real Visa Card.

  • If your name is on the prepared card yes if there is no name or no information linking the card to somebody it will not because really if it only took card from people with bank cards they wouldn’t be getting as much money as they do

  • prepaid debit cards are accepeted via american express

  • does address verification on zip code tied to the card if no address tied to card wont authorize

  • the only way you can rent movies, is with a card

  • can anyone tell me what is the correct answer for this question?

  • Was wondering this as well

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