Canon GL1 is it worth it?

I am a start up filmmaker, into shooting weddings, reunions and sporting event. I found a canon GL1 for $650 is it worth it. i want good quality but am just a freelance artist. i have a nikon d5000 camera that had hd quality but doesn’t look the part and cant refocus without pausing video focus the start recording. Please help!

sorry it is a GL2 not Gl1!!!!! GL2 for $650

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  • well the camera itself is quite good , but unfortunately technology has left this one in mothballs , like the xm2 the gl1 has excellent lens capabilities , fluorite fast , and clear , however the aspect mode is your standard 520 lines , and unfortunately the 720p and 1080p leave old camera’s for dead .

    how technology goes now it has left old technology out in the shed to gather dust purely because fire-wire is time consuming , and then rendering after an event to grab (per tape), edit , and re-render , when a file could grab it in the whole days files and get the video done and dusted in editing and dvd authoring .

    I can fully understand your need to think that your d5000 may seem less professional , but grab the flares and lens covers and no-one batters an eyelid , or a glidecam hd2000 puts it all into the upper level of the non tourist look.

    Do not buy a gl1 , I have a xm2 in the top of the cupboard gathering dust , and will hope to save you the same disappointment (purely on technological advances since 2004

    I have a gl2 funny enough which I tried to sell on ebay which no one would buy for a good price either , same sort of quality and functions , unfortunately good camera’s , but the technology killed it , and I had used this primarily for weddings in the past , and it performed extremely well .. it and others in the same level are good for your straight to dvd on older dvd players , the depth of field and focus control is awesome .. but you really don’t want to invest in old technology , but.. all in all it is good enough for the price (the zoom is awesome (used to optically zoom surfers out 200m no problems at all.

    your good lens for your dslr camera’s over lens over $700 are all fluorite , fluorite just means that the optics all line up better as you zoom further out , and this does make a big difference , and your 3 ccd is just three different colors going into three prisms of color opposed to old technology feeding it all in one processor , again new dslr camera units and most consumer video camera’s have this built in providing they have optical zoom capabilities and are a known trusted manufacturer

    sound is an issue the gl2 has a stereo zoom mic which is pretty good , dslr camera’s don’t but we usually use an external h2 zoom or h4n Zoom mic to get the sound even on the Gl2 we used to, with a pocket recorder on the groom (all tux have an inside pocket (with a lavaliere mic on the suit)

    I am for it for ease , but for weddings and your videographer longevity you mastery of the D5000 will prove much more beneficial than the gl2 , however a backup is always handy to have another feed just sitting there in case your dslr overheats

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  • what makes the GL2 a standout camera is the Fluorite lens and the 3 CCD imager system. it would be an excellent choice if you intend to distribute on DVD. miniDV format converts to DVD far superior quality than any consumer HD camera. that is why videographers still fork over $2000 for a Panasonic AG DVX 100B, a miniDV camera. miniDV also employs an excellent audio format, uncompressed digital stereo, another factor missing in the D5000. imho $650 is a fair price for a good condition GL2 and the GL2 is well suited to your stated goals.

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