Cant find my game on Xbox one!?

since the last update when i put my cd in my xbox one i cant find the game to play it,there is no image on the main page anymore or like before it takes u to the game what am i missing here?how to find my game now?it only shows games recelntly palyed on my xbox

2 Answers

  • Try doing a hard reset of the console (turn it completely off). If that doesn’t help, inspect the disc and make sure it is clean and has no scratches. If it isn’t, gently clean the disc with soap and water. Make sure you insert the disc correctly and if the game doesn’t start automatically, go to “My games and apps” and see whether the game is in the installed section or update queue section. The game must be in one of those categories when the disc is inside the console, if it still isn’t, then your Xbox is having trouble reading the disc. Most likely it would be due to damage to the disc, but if you’re certain it is clean and not damaged, you should contact Microsoft to figure out why your Xbox is having trouble reading discs.

  • Oh 🙁

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