cardinals are birds that spend the winter in Maryland. Many people feed them sunflower seeds during the winter

months. some of the carbohydrates in the cardinal's diet come from these seeds. describe:

-the building blocks of carbohydrates

- how the sunflowers produce carbohydrates

-how carbohydrates are used by living organisms

2 Answers

  • It's just chain of sugar molecules produced by photosynthesis with co2 from atmosphere and broken down by organisms to produce energy(from energy being released from c-c bonds breaking).

  • sure we feed the fauna. Our fowl feeder is determined jutting out from a metallic sculpture I made. the priority is that squirrels (furry tail tree rats) can climb the sculpture and then attain the fowl feeder. they could empty it interior of an hour or 2. The seeds spill onto the floor and the birds will attempt to feed, yet when the squirrels are round they chase the birds away. even as the birds can feed without being disturbed by the tree rats, we are able to ascertain: Sparrows, Blue Jays, Mourning Doves, Cardinals, Black birds and others. We also feed a feral cat and inspite of else roams round our abode at evening time. very last year we were feeding a raccoon and he or she lived in our chimney! She had 5 toddlers that we had to have a professional animal remover take out. He enable the mummy and her 5 toddlers loose in some woods contained in the country.

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