Cepeda Corporation has the following cost records for June 2017.

Cepeda Corporation has the following cost records for June 2017.

Indirect factory labor $4,500 Factory utilities $400 Direct materials used 20,000 Depreciation, factory equipment 1,400 Work in process, 6/1/17 3,000 Direct labor 40,000 Work in process, 6/30/17 3,800 Maintenance, factory equipment 1,800 Finished goods, 6/1/17 5,000 Indirect materials 2,200 Finished goods, 6/30/17 7,500 Factory manager’s salary 3,000 Prepare a cost of goods manufactured schedule for June 2017.


the correct answer would be b, when, queen, calder hall and london.


we always capitalize words when a paragraph or sentence is starting, when an important name is used, when a place is being written, or simply when a noun is used, etc. so in this sentence, sentence is starting from 'when', so it will be written in capital letters. secondly, queen is considered to be an important person, so it will also be written in capital letter. next, the name of the town is mentioned, i-e calder hall, which will also be written in capital letters. in the last,   city name is being used, 'london', which will also be written in capital letters. so option b is the most appropriate one.

employees use applications that are uniformed so that they are able to look over them more quickly because the do not want to spend a long time reading through the applications so they get all the infomation that the are looking for on the application they made so the do not have to read about unnessacary infomaton. so to make it simple it them find the person that they want to hirer faster with out wasting time.

i hope this i spelt things wrong i believe but this is why

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answer the amount a seller is paid minus the cost of production;

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