charged with podp and mip of tobacco. questions help please?

A couple days ago I got stopped by the police And They smelled weed in my car. I was with some friends. They searched my car and found weed. It was only a very small amount. And they also found a package of black and milds. They did Not arrest me. I am under 18 yrs old. Instead they gave me a citation. I am charge with possession of drug paraphernalia and minor in possession if tobacco. What should I expect to get in court? I know I have to pay fines.. But what else. I live in Texas

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  • It really depends on the county/judge you will be tried and your criminal history. For example, some counties/judges take a much harsher stance on drug offenses than others.

    Your attorney should be able to provide you with the best estimate as to what to expect. If this is your first offense, more likely than not you will not receive more than a fine, probation, and/or drug counseling/education.

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