cheap but good hair extensions?

ok so i want some really good hair extensions but not more then $50

i would preferably like human clip in extensions that are 20′ so i can cut them myself but 18 works too

this is my hair with my old extensions…

and i want to dye my hair so the extensions must be dye-able to this…

also my hair right now is 110 in nice n easy so if i could get extensions that color and dye them purple that would be great


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  • There is a very good brand I recommend, it’s Easy Clips Hair Extensions, (they’re 100% Remi human hair) are so easy and quick to put in and remove, and are the finest quality, and you can try different hairstyles without damaging your hair. I bought them at safrons… I hope that helps 🙂

  • Here are some cheap but good hair extensions…

    For those of you looking to get that extra length in their hair and don’t want to wait around for it to grow out, these hair extensions that you see are not only highly rated by many past customers, they are

    affordable and worth the investment. My favorite brand is the Tressmatch because they look like real hair and people won’t be able to tell if its a clip on or not. Although the price for them is kind of high,

    its worth every penny. My friends who own these hair extension use is like almost everyday so they are pretty good for what its worth. They Remy human hair one is just as good and more afforable. Try to

    avoid the cheap fake extension because those don’t last as long and the quality isn’t that good when worn.

  • Why not dye your hair first? Then get the Extensions in the colour you want?

    I recently bought clip in ones there amazing!!

    They were worth £100 but I got them for £9.99

    Off eBay!

  • I got mine off of eBay. They looked a bit dodgy I have to admit, but I was more than happy when they came in the mail. I got a four-peice set of fake hair that looked real and felt real and is about 30cm long for only $11! So try eBay 🙂

  • Why is everyone with blond, why cannot you just have jet black hair with some blonde or blonde tresses with some jet black hair. Right now you don’t have to choose.

  • Okker would really suite you in our opinion. It looks really pretty as well as it has a style that’s really noticeable. You’d look good with that.

  • Hg

  • Luxy .

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