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1. What characterizes a strong acid or base? (1 point)

polar covalent bonding

complete ionization in water

ionic bonding

presence of a hydroxide or hydrogen ion

  1. What is another name for the acid dissociation constant? (1 point)

equilibrium constant

ionization constant

rate constant

mole fraction

  1. Acetic acid ionizes in water as follows:


Fewer than 1% of ethanoic acid molecules are ionized at any instant. The acetate ion (CH3COO– ) is therefore ____. (1 point)

a poor hydrogen-ion acceptor

a good hydrogen-ion acceptor

a poor hydrogen-ion donor

a good hydrogen-ion donor

  1. A substance of Ka of 1 x 10–5 would be classified as a ____. (1 point)

strong acid

weak acid

strong base

weak base

  1. A base has a Kb of 2.5 x 10–11. Which of the following statements is true? (1 point)

This is a concentrated base.

This base ionizes slightly in aqueous solution.

This is a strong base.

An aqueous solution of this base would be acidic.

3 Answers

  • 1. A strong or weak base will easily separate into its ions when added to water, Therefore it will be highly soluble.

    "complete ionization in water"

    1. See above. " Ionization constant"

    2. Look at the reaction. The CH3COOH lost a hydrogen, and the H2) gained a hydrogen to form the hydronium ion (H3O+).

    Therefore, "a good hydrogen-ion donor"

    1. Take the negative log of that number....=5

    The pH is 5. If a pH of 7 is neutral, and less than 7 is acidic, greater than 7 is basic .... Is 5 closer to 1 or 7? Is it more acidic or closer to neutral?

    1. Same as above. Take then negative log of Kb.....= 10.6

    So is it closer to 7 (neutral) or closer to 14 (highly basic)?

  • 1. Complete ionization in water.

    1. Ionization constant.

    2. A good hydrogen-ion acceptor.

    3. Weak acid.

    5. This base ionizes slightly in aqueous.

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  • This base ionizes slightly in aqueous solution

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