Oxidation numbers for CNO- ???

so i know that for sure the oxidation of oxygen is -2... but if u can just find the oxidation number for carbon and nitrogen in that compound i would really appreciate it! and also to explain why .. thanks

2 Answers

  • The more electronegative element is assigned the negative oxidation number.


    O = -2

    N = -3 (more electronegative than C)

    C = +4

    The sum of these oxidation numbers is -1, the same as the overall charge on the ion.

  • In CNO C is bonded to N and N is bonded to O.

    When C bonds to N as in CN-, C is +2 (because N is -3).

    In CNO, N is oxidized, C remains the same (+2) and 0 is -2. That leaves N as -1.

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