Chemistry Questions?

1. What happens when an acid reacts with a metal such as magnesium?

A. The temperature decreases.

B. The acid is converted to a base.

C. The metal becomes polished and shiny.

D. A chemical reaction occurs.

2. Which of the following gases is a contributor to the formation of acid rain?

A. H2

B. O3

C. SO2

D. NH3

3. Which type of reaction occurs between an acid and a base and results in the formation of a salt and water?

A. strong acid-weak base reaction

B. neutralisation reaction

C. base-dissociation reaction

D. acid-dissociation reaction

4. What is true of acids?

A. They are poor conductors of electricity.

B. They have a pH below 7.

C. They have a strong affinity for H + ions

D. They have a pH above 9.

5. Which of the following is Arrhenius’s definition of an acid?

A. any substance that can donate hydrogen ions (H +)

B. any substance that can accept hydrogen ions (H +)

C. a substance that dissociates in water to produce hydrogen ions (H +)

D. a substance that dissociates in water to produce hydroxide ions (OH -)

6. What is the pH of pure water?

A. 13

B. 12

C. 7

D. 10

7. Which of the following describes the relationship between [H3O+] and [OH-]?

A. [H3O+][OH-]=14.00

B. [H3O+]+[OH-]=14.00

C. [H3O+][OH-]=1.0 x 10^-14

D. [H3O+]+[OH-]=1.0 x 10^-14

8. As the [H3O+] in a solution decreases, the [OH-] ________.

A. increases and the pH increases.

B. increases and the pH decreases.

C. decreases and the pH increases.

D. decreases and the pH decreases.

2 Answers

  • 1. ‘D’

    2. ‘SO2’

    3. ‘Neutralisation’.

    4. ‘B’

    5. ‘C’

    6, ‘7’



  • I bring to your attention that Y!A rules permit only 1 question at a time .

    Resubmit these 8 questions separately and you will get answers

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