Chevrolet’s 6th Gen Camaro RS

Chevrolet has made the sixth generation Camaro look like a refreshed version of its predecessor generation on the outside. But on the inside, it is almost completely different from the 2010-2015 model years. When I mean almost completely different, I mean the styling and the technology. Power plants are different now that the Camaro line-up consists of 3 engines instead of pretty much 4 (2014-2015 Z/28 had the 7.0L V8 from the C6 Z06 Corvette). There is the wimpy 2.0L turbo 4 engine making as much horsepower as an old fourth generation V8 Camaro, the V6 like the one in the RS above gets a 12 horsepower boost to 335, and the 6.2L V8 in the SS starts at 455 horses. The RS shown here has everything one would want in a Camaro without the power of the mighty V8. It is better than the 4 cylinder and the cost of the V6 is the same price as the automatic transmission at a shallow $1,495 extra. All in all, the total price tag of this Camaro comes to a staggering $39,355 that includes a destination charge. So, what makes the RS Camaro so different from its competition? Let’s take a look.

“…sweating to death on a hot summer day.”

First of all, it is simple in a way that everything is driver/user friendly. Secondly, the engineers and designers worked together to make something actually stand out from the rest of the crowd with some bits of the interior. For starters, it all begins with the easiness of the controls. Everything functions as it should and it all stands out so there is no fiddling around in the control menu to make the car operate as desired. The traction control is just above the drive select mode button. In some cars, the traction control is next to the steering wheel and the driver mode select button is on the middle console. The one thing that makes it really user friendly is the control buttons and functionality of the infotainment system. The controls are big enough so that pensioners do not need their reading glasses. The controls are straight forward. If someone were to take a look at the instruction manual, then they need to be immediately sent back to grade school. Then there is my favorite feature which is the air conditioning controls. They are integrated in with the circular vents underneath the infotainment screen. They are dials on the outside of said vents and they can be spun around to make it cold or hot for whoever intends to use them. The luxurious feature of the Camaro is the heated and cooled seats. That’s right. This model here has cooled seats for people who are sweating to death on a hot summer day. The last aspect of the interior is the design styling. It blends together like coffee and creamer with a hint of whiskey. And as for a sports car, it is very safe and has a whole bunch of safety features. It is so safe, that it received 5 stars on the safety ratings from the good ol’ US of A.

“…something that was spectacular.”

The exterior design of the sixth generation RS Camaro may seem like a refreshed fifth generation model, Chevrolet gave it some different looks to ensure it was not indeed it’s predecessor. The headlights and taillights are different as well as the side lights. Even the placement of the badges are different. But the biggest difference is the hood, and looking out through the windshield. The curves create this illusion of ocean waves. Other than that of the exterior styling, the sixth generation Camaro looks like the fifth generation. This may be where Chevrolet should not have continued with the retro or refreshed look of something that was spectacular. The only thing that really changed was the platform that the Camaro runs on and it is called the “Alpha” platform that is based off of Cadillac. Which means this Camaro can turn really well.

“…how a heart rate monitor tells a doctor;”

Speaking of turning. Performance on the Camaro is great. It’s driver modes are “Touring,” “Sport,” and “Snow/Ice.” “Touring” is for relaxed driving and the exhaust is softer. “Snow/Ice” mode literally means what it says. But put the Camaro RS into “Sport” mode and the entire car performs and reacts differently. Some of the traction control is lifted, the steering gets tighter thanks to the electronically assisted steering, throttle response is sharper, and the exhaust sings a different tune. The 8 speed automatic shifts faster than the previous generation and the acceleration gets the RS from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. It doesn’t feel that way probably because getting there is smooth and linear. The feedback from the tires is present throughout the course of driving in “Sport” but only appears to show any form of life how a heart rate monitor tells a doctor; in little blips of lines. The seats held me in place and the body roll into and out of the corners felt like the Camaro was performing that first stunt on “American Ninja Warrior.” The Mustang I drove was greatly balanced but the Camaro again outperforms it there. The only difference is that the Mustang was the turbo 4 cylinder.

“…If i had decided to jump…”

The only problems I have with the 2018 Camaro is the visibility and headroom. Back seats are not important enough in a sports car but the other 2 are. Looking out the front windscreen gave me barely much of the world to look at and if I chose to drive through along a scenic road I would only see the road and a bit of the view. Headroom is another major issue I have with the Camaro. Yes, the suspension is forgiving but bumps will be bumps. Every time I went over one my head would hit the roof as if I had decided to jump in the room that the “worms” stayed in in the movie “Men In Black.” Without the safety equipment that comes with the Camaro, driving it would be a living nightmare. Hopefully Chevy gets it together and fixes this. The last time they did something right with the headroom and visibility in their Camaro line-up was with the fourth generation model years.

I would like to take a moment and thank Burlington Chevrolet for allowing me to use their vehicle for this test drive. I also appreciate their cooperation and professionalism.

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