Chinese food Japanese wife American life??

What does this quote mean? I’ve heard this many times but don’t know if this is a positive quote or negative?

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  • is this about that computer programmer, the billionaire?

    well if not, then here’s a take – people like Chinese food everywhere. it is simple, it is filling, it is varied and its vegetarian and meaty, so for everyone.

    Japanese women are considered of the world’s most beautiful, attractive, attentive, responsible, interesting and having many other interesting personality traits due to their old, strong and peculiar culture. so this is a 2nd ideal men around the world may be striving for.

    American life? well, maybe people want the things of America’s advertising – fine things like big houses, nice fashions, nice cars, not too crowded cities, jobs that pay well and much to do with free time, oh yes and the old TV stereotype of husband & wife, look almost like models as they age, a few kids, a few pets, familiar with movies and music and have some chance to travel and do a little travel and church on Christmas & Easter.

    this sounds all like the things that people like, want to have, and makes boys want to be men for.

    that quote is a little goldmine unto itself. if people thought like this, maybe there wouldn’t be so much confusion about culture and character in the world. its not like all girls want to be nuns and boys want to be monks, you know.

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