Chloroplasts contain disklike membranous sacs arranged in stacks called?

a. cristae. b. thylakoids. c. grana. d. vacuoles. e. stroma. plz help

5 Answers

  • B. Thykaloid is the right answer.

    It's where the light-dependent reactions occur. Or photosynthesis. Used to make ATP and NADH.

    Grana is part of the thykaloid. Each stack of thykaloid (the individual disks) are called grana.

    Cristae are those twisted, curving-shaped inner membranes in mitochondria where cellular respiration occur.

    Vacuoles stores food, waste, etc.

    Stroma is the fluid-like part in the chloroplast. Thykaloid is contained in the stroma.

  • the membranous sacs are called thylakoids and the stacks are called the the answer should be b. thylakoids.

  • The question asks for what the stacks are called. The stacks are called grana, so the answer is C.

  • granam is the groupd of discs in a stack thylakoid are the disks that make up the stacks

  • b. thylakoids.

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