Choose appropriate way(s) that volcanoes might impact people living nearby:

Choose appropriate way(s) that volcanoes might impact people living nearby:


People living near by may have to evacuate if the volcano erupts. They may have to pay higher premiums on their insurance do to a higher risk of estate damage and they'll need an insurance that covers volcanos.

Negative: Drowning. Positive: having fun in the water.

Explanation: Negative: if u live near a ocean or river and you don’t know how to swim and you go in the water you could easily drown in the water. Positive: if you live near an ocean or river you could have fun with your family in the water and swim around in the water.

Appropriate ways that the hot springs may impact people living nearby is that it provides geothermal power as hot springs produces it because of the heat it provides and as well as recreational outlet as this will be a way of providing relaxation or activity that people would enjoy.

Living in a desert you would have some benefits, believe it or not:

No mold: Due to the dry weather there's not much moisture which is really because of the respiratory infections that the mold can bring.Less pollution: the air is not contaminated, because population density is low.Lower stress.

Now, the benefits of living near a mountain could be:

Fresh air.Also, lower stress.More exercise, which means longer life.Natural resources.Less contamination, unlike cities.

People living nearby steep cliffs can impact them in different ways, the people nearby will affect them into having a decrease area available to grow crops as it is dangerous to even grow crops in areas like it, another thing is, there will be an increase of landslide hazard as they are in a steep cliff. Having steep cliffs are dangerous and will only cause them a disadvantage.

The plains tend to be very easy for early settlements to bring about agriculture, mobility, and mild weather conditions that helps early civilization grow. The negative impact of most plains come from it's lack of ability to trade easily in later generations, without water access.

The positive impact of living near the plain areas are-

(1) Agriculture can be carried out.

(2) Mode of transportation is convenient.

The negative impacts of living near the plain areas-

(1) Over-population

The positive impact of living near the river areas are-

(1) The land area near river are very fertile as it is rich in nutrients.

(2) Fresh water is obtained from the river and also fishing can be done in these places.

The negative impact of living near the river areas are-

(1) Flood can occur anytime, that can cause damages to lives and properties.

Which of the following is a subsurface event that takes place during the rock cycle?

 Cementing Erosion Melting Weathering

You have protection all around you from attacks. health benefits from higher elevations.



A Positive of living near the ocean is water! and a negative is all the storms like hurricanes.

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