Choose the graph which matches the following system of equations. (just read below)?

4x + 2y = –2

x – 3y = 24

if u could just tell me where they intersect (coordinates)

5 Answers

  • Solve the 2nd equation for x and substitute into the first:

    x = 24+3y

    4(24+3y)+2y = -2

    96 + 14y = -2

    14y = -98

    y = -7

    Now substitute the value of y into the expression for x:

    x = 24+3(-7)

    x = 24 – 21

    x = 3

    The intersection point is (x,y) = (3, -7)

  • first, you multiply the bottom eq with 4 to get this system

    4x+2y= -2

    4x – 12y = 96

    then you subtract the two eq from each other to get this macro eq

    14y = -98

    solve for y and you get y = -7 then plug -7 as y into one of the equations

    so if you choose the bottom eq you will get

    x + 21 = 24 and you solve for x and get x=3 therefore the lines intersect at (3,-7)

  • keep y on the left section flow all something to the right section divide both section by technique of the coefficient of y the coefficient of sx is the slope if both equations share an identical slope, then the lines represented by technique of the equatiosn are certainly parallel. opt for the gadget that has an identical slope you’ve stumbled on it really is 3/2 so that you’ll discover that it really is taken under consideration necessary that you’ve the right slope out of your graph.

  • (3 , -7)

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  • (x,y) = (24/5, -32/5)

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