Christian song about cutting? (emo)?

Ok, First off no, I’m not emo. But besides Skillit’s “The Last Night” or Britt Nichole’s “When She Cries” what are some CHRISTIAN songs that talks about someone cutting themself? (preferably getting saved at the end) Thanks, I need it for church Fine arts!

Please remember it MUST be christian!

And it can’t say TO cut them. ex, Cut My wrist and Stop my breathing” or something like that

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  • ohio is for lovers-hawthorne heights

  • Hawk Nelson’s video for the song “Zero” has a girl holding a sign saying “I stopped cutting myself” in it near the end. The lyrics don’t specifically mention cutting (I think), but they support the idea of starting over and not hurting anymore…stuff like that. I think you might be able to view the video at


    that song is da best 😀

  • tourniquet – evanescence

  • any Underoath song

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