Commodity brokers use forward and futures contracts for which of the

Commodity brokers use forward and futures contracts for which of the

following reasons? A. The raw, unprocessed nature of commodities means that there is always a third party to any commodity-purchase contract. B. The riskiness of commodity production means that many commodity producers go bankrupt before harvest time. C. The seasonal nature of many commodities would lead to wide variations in supply and price without these contracts. D. Commodities come from many different countries with very different currency exchange rates.


The seasonal nature of many commodities would lead to wide

variations in supply and price without these contracts.



the importance of access to FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES  

american ancestors had been there for over 100,000 years and it had good irrigation fields, it was also home to the first spain conquistadors in the region of north america now known as texas. it was also occupied by various native tribes. its innitial settlement by Europeans occurred by accident.- please take note that i am only in 7th grade and i dont know much about this but i am trying my best to help, have a good day<3


I think it's d but I'm not sure

The correct answer for question #1: "What is the main purpose of the author of this passage", would be option D: "To describe some of the wonders of the oceans that make it such a precious resource".  In the passage, the author starts with an introduction to the topic, then gives the reason the oceans are a valuable resource and how this has shaped the world as we know it.  The author does not mention beaches as a vacation spot, nor does he speak in detail when mentioning the different oceans, therefore, options A and B are incorrect. Option C is also wrong because the author never mentions pollution.

The correct answer for question #2: "The author uses paragraph 6 to", would be option D: "Provide readers with his conclusion about why oceans are interesting". Paragraph 6 is the last paragraph, in which the author summarizes the points made during the passage and gives his concluding remarks. Option A is incorrect because the author does not say to do anything. The weather is not the main subject so option B is incorrect. The way ocean helps animals and humans was just part of the introduction to add context to the passage, therefore option C is also incorrect.

The correct answer for question #3: "In paragraph 4, what point is the author making when he talks about the internet", would be option D: The internet makes it possible to ship products to locations all over the world.  In paragraph 4, the author mentions that the internet has allowed a global market to flourish, this meaning that products are transported from one seaport to another by using the oceans. The author did not mention the internet helped us obtain information, or sell products therefore options A, B and C are incorrect.

With half a million pieces of space debris cluttering Earth's orbit, according to NASA, this means there is a growing problem of cluttering up our access road to space. Several companies and entities have proposed ways to get rid of derelict satellites and other space junk.

The DeOrbit mission – first proposed publicly in early 2014 – would seek out satellite debris in a polar orbit at an altitude between 800 and 1,000 kilometers (500 to 620 miles). The European Space Agency is considering several kinds of "capture mechanisms" to pick up the debris, such as nets, harpoons, robotic arms and tentacles.


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The answer is simply C because the answer is truest C because the internet is used to look up different types of information and to help when you need to find something.
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