communicating with baby daddy ?

I have a 3 month old daughter . the father and I are not together. he rarely sees or calls or buys her anything. should I call him and tell him he can have his daughter for a day ? should I be calling him or let him call me about the baby ? I know I have to co parent with him. he asked to have her overnight when she was 1 month old but I declined and since then I haven t heard from him.

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  • Follow the advise of the lawyer appointed for family court.

  • If you want him involved, tell him. If he hasn’t put in the effort to be a part of her life, he may not be the best father material. But you know more about the situation than anyone here might. Good luck. And congratulations on your child.

  • Sure. Reach out to him and tell him his baby is stronger and bigger now and that he’s welcome in her life and you’d love it if he wants to visit her and set up regular custody exchanges if he’d like. That when you heard from him at 1 month.. she was tiny and you were scared and so new at this that you were afraid to release her. And that you know she’d be enriched by his presence in her life.

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