¿Cómo eras cuando tenías 5 años?

¿Cómo eras cuando tenías 5 años?Answer in Spanish using the imperfect tense. = what does this say?how do i answer it

Tell what you did last week to help around the house. You need to use at least 4 verbs in the preterite tense. They need to be in complete Spanish sentences.

how would i answer that in spanish i just need like one example sentence to show me what i am doing

thank you =)

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  • This statement is asking you what you were like when you were 5 years old. Here are 2 examples in the imperfect and 2 in the preterit. You can use these or use your own based on these examples.

    1) When I was 5 years old, I behaved like the child of the devil!

    2) When I was 5 years old, I behaved like a sweet angel.

    1) ¡Cuándo yo tenía 5 años, me comportaba como el niño del diablo! imperfect

    2) Cuando yo tenía 5 años, me comportaba como un ángel dulce. imperfect

    1) Last week, I cut the grass and washed the windows.

    2) Last week, I pulled out the weeds in my flower garden.

    1) La semana pasada, corté la hierba y lavé las ventanas. preterit

    2) La semana pasada, arranqué los hierbajos en mi jardín de flor. preterit

    I hope these help and that I get your vote. Thanks and have a great day. Juan

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  • "What were you like when you were 5 years old?"

    You would answer with sentences like "Cuando tenía 5 años, [something in imperfect]".

    You could use "me gustaba" for "I liked" which is the imperfect form of "me gusta".

    Or you could use "era ..." for "I was..."

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