Conscience tattoo ideas and pictures?

I want to get a tattoo that represent good and bad conscience. I seen this tattoo online once it was and angles legs hanging off a shoulder and one the other shoulder it was a devils legs and tail hanging off..its really hard to explain but I can’t find the picture. Also does anyone have an idea of what I could maby say on my wrists that some how says bad conscience and good conscience..ik this is kind of hard to understand but thanks for any help!

2 Answers

  • How about”Remember Karma” on your wrist

  • That’s not a right way to punish your ownself. If you feel regrect for all that you have done in past, that’s enough for your betterment.God is so merciful. He forgives when you feel regrection for your mistakes. Just try to change your attitude towards others and be satisfied. I’ll suggest you not to get any tatto because clear body seems more pretty than with tattoos.

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