Consider triangle pqr. what is the length of side qr?

Consider triangle pqr. what is the length of side qr? 8 units units 16 units units


Ok well you don't have all the units but this is what your triangle would look like:  
Could be a tad bit late but i just took the quiz, the answer is 16 units

16 units

Step-by-step explanation:

Its 16 units!

Step-by-step explanation:

I did thee test on edge 🙂

Length of side QR is 16 units.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that dimensions of triangle PQR are as follows:

angle QPR =90^circ

Side QP = 8 sqrt3 units

Side PR = 8 units

To find, side QR = ? units

Please refer to the attached figure for the representation of the given dimensions.

Base is side QP,

Perpendicular is side PR and

Hypotenuse is side QR.

In a right angled triangle, Pythagorean theorem holds true i.e.

Accoring to pythagoras theorem:

text{Hypotenuse}^{2} = text{Base}^{2} + text{Perpendicular}^{2}

Rightarrow QR^{2} = QP^{2} + PR^{2}

Putting the values of QP and PR:

Rightarrow QR^{2} = (8sqrt3)^{2} + 8^{2}\Rightarrow QR^{2} = 64 times 3+ 64\Rightarrow QR^{2} = 64 times 4\Rightarrow QR = 8 times 2\Rightarrow QR = 16 units

So, the value of length of side QR is 16 units.  

Triangle P Q R is shown. Angle Q P R is a right angle. The length of Q P is 8 StartRoot 3 EndRoot an

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