Conversation history: Failed to process your request, please try again later.?

This just happens for one contact. Why?

3 Answers

  • Hi Yahoo! user –

    It sounds like you are receiving a temporary error. However, the following Yahoo! Help article has some troubleshooting steps for resolving issues with viewing conversation history.…

    Hope this helps!

    We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo!

  • Why doesn’t the YM folks just fix the xxxx-ing problem so it stays fixed??? With YM version this was never a problem. After each chat session, I would save the history to a DVD. Now that version does not work on Windows XP, Vista or 7, or 8.1 for that matter anymore. Yahoo wants to shove people into the latest version so they can shove more cheesy ads in our face…

    Why cannot they just tell us why this is happening??? I tried the link suggested here, and the solution does not work!!

  • I extremely have a conceivable answer for viewing yahoo conversations. in case you have a telephone with android instaled, open the e-mail aplication that comes pre-instaled. Now chosen concepts and then advert account or something comparable. you will possibly desire to have the skill to characteristic your yahoo e mail and password .you will possibly desire to have the skill to confirm your conversations now.

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