Core competencies in organizations generally do not relate to:

QUESTION 18 Core competencies in organizations generally do not relate to Oa. Companys location Companys employees Ob. Comp


Core competencies of an organisation do not relate to ' company's location'.

" Core Competency" is a deep proficiency that enables a company to deliver unique value to customers. It embodies an organisation's collective learning, particularly of how to co-ordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple technologies.Core competencies diffferentiate an organisation from its competition and create a company's competitive advantage in the market place. Typically, a core competency refers to a company's set of skills or experience in some activity, rather than physical or financial assets.

A business activity must meet three conditions to be a core competency; the activity must provide superior value or benefits to the consumer, It should be difficult for a competitior to replicate or imitate it and it should be rare. Businesses can develop core competencies by identifying key internal strengths and investing in the capabilities valued by their customers.

In determining your company's core competencies, identify the underlying skill, ability, knowledge, experience, technology or process that enables your company to provide its unique set of products or services.High performing companies decelop new core competencies and expand their existing ones to enter new and future markets. Company at this level of functioning recognizes the needs and wants of customers in new and develops the competencies necessary to meet those needs and wants.

So, I concluded that, core competencies of an organisation only relate to technology, company's employees, company's abilities; does not related to company's location.

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