Correct grammar? “Him and I’s”….?

Hi, which of these is correct grammar? Thanks!

Isaac’s and I’s team

Isaac and I’s team

Isaac’s and my team


7 Answers

  • Isaac’s team.

    My team.

    Isaac’s and my team.

  • Isaac’s and my team because for the first two you would have to say Isaac and his team

  • Isaac’s and my team

  • Remeber it this way

    Use the names properly by themselvers and that’s how you would use them together

    Isaac’s team—-correct

    My team—-correct

    You wouldn’t say…

    Isaac team or I’s team

  • Isaacs’s and my team is correct. There is a trick to remember when to use I and when to use me/my. Take away the other person’s name and see what makes sense. For example, My team or I team? My team makes more sense.

    Another example:

    He and I walked to the bakery.


    He and me walked to the bakery.

    If you take away he, I would make more sense. You wouldn’t say me walked to the bakery. Hope that helps you.

  • The third option.

    There’s no such word contraction as I’s.

    Also, since Isaac is in the possesive tense so must you (as my).

  • Grammar Him And I

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