Costumes ending in ER?

So my school is having a Spirit Week next week and on Wednesday we are supposed to dress as anything ending in ER. Like a painter or a dancer. But some people are going all out and trying things like sumo-wrestlers or Twister boards. Any ideas on something I could dress as?

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  • Hummm Lyncher might cause issues thus lynching a black person.

    ᴅoucнᴇr in French means to shower.. so perhaps you can build a hanging shower with a hoola-hoop, straps, shower curtain, and a make shift shower head.

    Connect the straps to hoop and hang it off your shoulders. Then hang the curtain to the hoop.. and your on your own with the shower head.

    Anywho, back in the day when I was in school some actually did this. Of course he could only wear at lunch and at the spirt rally.

  • A lyncher.

    Get it? Because your name is Lynn...

    I've got nothin'. Sorry.


    For Ranger costumes,

    I hope these links will help you

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