Could I be the youngest great aunt ?

In the UK at least. I became a great aunt at 11 (I was an aunt when is as born) and now my niece is having another baby, so I’ll be a great aunt to two at only 16!! Kinda crazy huh, do you think 11 is the ️️youngest great aunt ever ? Cause that would be pretty cool

7 Answers

  • My friend Dustin was a great uncle at 15, he was an uncle at the age of 1, his sister Karyn had a daughter when she was 19, and that daughter had her son at the age of 14. Dustin’s mother had Karyn when she was very young, there was an 18 year age gap. Same father, but just many years apart.

  • I was an aunt when i was 8

  • It could be the youngest ever. It is the youngest I have ever heard of.

  • I don’t think it’s that weird because a lot of siblings have large age gaps.

  • Oh good lord, your obviously some kind of a hillbilly inbred imbecile by now seriously can you form normal thoughts even?

  • I don’t think so but you possibly could

  • I was a great auntie at 3years old

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