Could someone upload the Java JDK 1.6 in ZIP format? (Not JRE or JVM, I WANT JDK)?

I need the JDK 1.6 zipped. I dont want JRE portable, or the runtime in any way, but I need to compile some files. I DONT HAVE ADMIN PRIVELEDGES SO DONT TELL ME TO INSTALL IT.

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  • You can’t download it from their website, you need to accept the license agreement to download and install it. It sounds like you’re using a computer on a network as a user, not a home user. If it is a school or something similar where programs are installed for students use perhaps you could negotiate with an administrator to install the JDK.

    Perhaps you could download another java compiler such as ECJ or GCJ.

    The second answer at… might help you out.


    In short , JDK for creating your own programs and runnig them, testing them JDK used by everyone to run java programs like applets and other things. both JDK abd JRE provide the same JVM (for a particular version, on a particular platform) ——————- JDK is the development kit that bundles java compiler and java virtual machine (JVM) you need java compiler to make a .java file to .class file the .class file will run in a jvm. ——————————— you will also get just jre that is java runtime environment where you can only run .class file (as opposed to making a class file from java file using JDK) the JRE primarily bundles JVM so that you can use any class file to run… the JVM( virtual machine ) translates the .class file to machine instructions in its container… ————————————–…

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