Could there be a food chain without herbivores and carnivores? explain?

Could there be a food chain without herbivores and carnivores? explain?




because of omnivores

google short faces about the omnivore food chain 🙂

A Food Chain Without Herbivores and Carnivores. Without the herbivores, the producers would be free to grow. Producers don't need the herbivores or carnivores to make their own food and energy. They are self-sustaining, and they can't exhaust their food source.

And as well as if there are only producers and no herbivores or carnivores then producers grow on continuously and there will not be the utilization of it. so there can't be a food chain without herbivores or carnivores.



No, the food chain needs each other to provide food for each other. If say deer were removed from the food chain then wolfs and coyotes could not feed off of them which means they could die which means bears lose food and they could possibly die etc.

There are a few different organisms in the food chain. The producers, usually plants, we have already talked about, and then there are the herbivores and carnivores. There are also decomposers, which break down dead organisms. Decomposers can be fungi or bacteria. They grow on both plants and animals, recycling their bodies back to the soil for new growth.
Yes they could. Besides these two, there are also producers and decomposers. Without Herbivores and Carnivores the producers, which is a fancy term for plants who photosynthesize, could grow and one day when they die decomposers could decompose them and the food chain would still exist and nature would have its way.

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