Could yahoo ever return to it’s early 2000s prime.?

i think it could if it targets the modern generation.

7 Answers

  • anything is possible

  • Reinstall the comment section. 

  • What Yahoo really needs to do is, stop the fake posters using all sorts of fake user names ie, the now often seen “?”, and also reinstall  the comment section, and eliminate Blocking.  As it is now, it is  not exciting nor interesting.

  • The answer is no.

    Yahoo at one time was geared for the common people.

    Thy have shot themselves in the foot and gotten rid of their support by going after money instead of people.

    The very thing that paid the investors a return.

    Then greed stepped in and they shot themselves in the foot.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Simply, no. Since the glory days, Twitter and other platforms have become more attractive to the younger set. Yahoo even removed their chat rooms. So Yahoo will need to create new platforms that better fit to phone applications.

  • anything is possible

  • anything is possible

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