Covalent Bonding problems!!?

1. What is the hybridization of nitrogen in each of the following:

(a) NO-

(b) NO2-

2. Are these statements true or false? Correct any false ones.

(a) Two σ bonds comprise a double bond.

(b) A triple bond consists of one π bond and two σ bonds.

(c) Bonds formed atomic s orbitals are always σ bonds.

(d) A π bond restricts rotation about the σ-bond axis.

(e) A π bond consists of two pairs of electrons.

(f) End-to-end overlap results in a bond with electron density above and below the bond axis.

1 Answer

  • 1 a) sp2

    b) sp2

    2 a) F a double bond is 1 sigma and 1 pi

    b) F a triple bond is 1 sigma and 2 pi

    c) T

    d) T

    e) T

    f) F end to end has electron density around not above and below (as well as above and below)

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