Crazy But is watermelon fattening?

7 Answers

  • No it has a very low calorie count as is nearly all on link below for more info cheers ♥

  • Course not! It's more on water so you will feel full right after eating 2 or 3 slices.But there's nothing to worry about it's a fruit and it's good for the body.Excesses will help it subside down.

  • it's low cal and very very good for you - chow down!

    some fruits are higher in calories than others, such as bananas and grapes, but certainly better than eating crisps and chocolate.

    berries are also low calorie.

    ian's answer made me chuckle!

  • NO! It may add weight (WATER weight only which can be removed when you go to the bathroom)


  • only if you spread cheese on it

    all the best

    Ian 🙂

  • i don't think fruits have fats, but they definetely have sugar, so i guess it gives you energy. just don't take bananas, they're carbo

  • it can be.... it depends how many calories you are eating... extra calories, whether fat or not can make you gain weight

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