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So I m 19 years old and I just looked up my credit score on credit karma and I have a score of 528 and stuff back from 2015. I didn t even have a job and was still in high school then and I have 10 different things against me. How do I go about this situation?? I ve been getting denied apartments, and cars because of something that I ve never even done. How can I get my credit up??

Thanks for any advice in advance!

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  • you need to contact one of the three credit bureau and report fraud and identity thief in your name. after you do that call police and make a fraud report with them. Ask your parents if they got something in your name and past and messed your credit up

  • The only way that you will ever get your score up is by doing nothing.

    Your score is too low to get it up by doing something.

    You need to get it up by doing nothing before you can do anything to get it up.

    Doing anything will keep it down or make it go lower.

    For example, each time that you try to get a car, that makes your score get lower.

    It won’t go up until you stop.

  • You need to send a letter to each of the credit agencies and tell them that the debts could not possibly be yours, as you were a minor at the time they were opened. They will ask for proof. Cooperate and this will be cleared up in time. Make sure that you are persistent.

  • Forget about credit for about 5 years. Then, take out a credit builder loan. But its no money up front. You pay the payments first, then you get the money.

  • Pay off those old bills. Since they were from high school they probably are not very large. If not then wait 7 1/2 years for them to fall off. What do you mean something you never did. If you had debts and have not paid them they are adding interest every month which is your responsibility.

  • Well, first get yourself a proper credit report. Credit Karma is not official. Once you have this, look at the items. Most likely it was your family that stole your ID. Anyway, you can contact the credit bureaus and dispute the items as you were too young to enter into.

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